An organist’s experience at Adelaide Town Hall

In 2016 organist Josh van Konkelenberg performed at an organ recital at Adelaide Town Hall. Van Konkelenberg shares his experiences as a player and what it was like to perform to a captive and diverse audience. 


The power of the Walker organ is something to behold, it is capable of so many different colours, so it was a treat to show it off to people who haven’t had a chance to listen to it before. After the concert, a lady stopped me outside and said that she had come from Murray Bridge to hear it and it had been worth every mile! When I walked out on stage you couldn’t see a free seat in the house, and it seemed like the whole city had turned up! There were kids in strollers and pre-schoolers with their parents, all the organ fans, and many people who were just excited to hear organ music for the first time! As a player I’m always feeling the audience and everyone seemed riveted.  In the silences you could hear a pin drop! It was one of the most rewarding concerts I have ever played.

Josh van Konkelenberg