Statue of a Queen

The Adelaide Town Hall is the proud home of a bronze statue of Queen Adelaide by Sculptor Lindsay Daen.

Daen said of his work “When, on my return to Adelaide in 1979 after an absence of more than thirty years, I was asked to make a statue of Queen Adelaide for the city, it meant a big departure from my norm. It was a subject already chosen for me and a set historical figure, both of which categories I had previously not accepted. But I felt a very special regard for the city. Although I had lived there for only three years they had been some of the happiest of my life. So, after deciding that the handling must be more or less straight, and reading through the diaries of this rather sad German princess, I decided to make her in a riding habit. She had loved to ride and it made a good sculptural form, unlike the dreadful frills of most early 19th century dress.”

Displayed in the ground floor foyer, the statue was unveiled in 1980 and stands at approx. 2.4 metres high.