The Mayor and Mark Twain

During his speaking tour of Australia in 1895, acclaimed author Mark Twain visited the City of Adelaide and had a ‘rather lively and congenial’ social life.

According to the South Australian Register (published on Tuesday 15 October, 1895) Twain “flourished till the “wee sma’ hours ayont the twal.” He met several city magnates in the Mayor’s parlor at Town Hall, where he was ‘most characteristically welcomed’. The Mayor at the time would have been Charles Tucker.

Present to welcome Twain were the Premier (Hon. O. C. Kingston), the Chief Secretary (Hon. J. H. Gordon), Mr. Handyside, M.P., Alderman Tomkinson, Buik, and Sketheway, and several of the City Councilors, Mr. Clemens, Mr. R. S. Smythe, and the American Consular Agent (Mr. C. A. Murphy).

“Mark Twain came in by no means so disheveled as he looks in his counterfeit presentments about town, end more like a profile photo of him in a shop on the west side of Gawler-place, and he was introduced to the Premier, Chief Secretary, and City Fathers in due form. The MAYOR welcomed him heartily to Adelaide, and expressed a fervent hope that he would return to the city before he left our shores finally.” the South Australian Register reported.

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