The roaming Silver Trowel

When the foundation stone was laid for Adelaide Town Hall in 1863, Governor Sir Dominick Daly was gifted with a silver trowel for the occasion.

The handsome silver tool had a polished sheaoak handle and the face bore an engraving of the front view of Town Hall.

Of the silver trowel he said “I hold in my hand a beautiful testimonial of the liberality of the corporation. With my children and my children’s children it will remain a treasured testimony of your kind feeling and remembrance of a country in which we shall always take a deep interest.”

In 1868 when Sir Dominick Daly passed away the trowel seems to have gone roaming. Years after his death the trowel was found in a second hand shop in Melbourne, it was purchased and presented back to the corporation.

The trowel is now a treasured relic of the beginnings of Town Hall and is stored safely in the civic collection.