From Gas Light to LED

The Adelaide Town Hall has stood proudly at 128 King William Street in the middle of the Adelaide CBD since 1866, and was hailed as “the largest municipal Building south of the Equator when it was officially opened on 20 of June that year.

When it first opened the Town Hall’s lighting was powered by gas, which was changed to electric lighting around the turn of the 20th century.

Energy Efficiency

Council embarked on an ambitious program to minimise the Town Hall’s energy use while protecting its heritage. In 2011 as the third highest energy user the Town Hall underwent an Energy Efficiency and Opportunities Review, which identified the most cost-effective energy efficiency projects that would have big impact on energy consumption.

As a result of successful implementation of several energy efficiency projects over the past five years the Town Hall is now using 20% less energy, emitting 32% fewer carbon emissions, and saving more than $60,000 in annual operating costs compared to 2011/12.

City of Adelaide is leading by example in showing that heritage buildings can be upgraded to operate like modern, energy-efficient buildings, while retaining and even enhancing their heritage and civic value.

Implemented Projects

Since 2011 numerous energy efficiency projects have been successfully implemented including: installation of Lamborghini condensing boilers, and PowerPax chiller. Electrical services have been equipped with PowerPerfector Voltage Power Optimisation (VPO).

The most noticeable are the retrofits of the existing interior lighting systems with energy efficient and low maintenance LED lighting technology. Over 90% of existing interior lighting in the Adelaide Town Hall has been already retrofitted with state of the art LED light fittings.

Auditorium LED Lighting Retrofit

The Auditorium is illuminated by three distinct lighting systems:

  • 220 heritage pendant and wall luminaires
  • 48 stage light fittings, and
  • 20 architectural column up luminaires.

Recently all three systems have been retrofitted with cutting edge LED light luminaires. The LED lighting retrofit necessitated installation of sophisticated lighting control systems including an advanced custom made 12 channels dimmer. As a result new LED globes can be effectively dimmed from 100% to 0%.

This LED lighting retrofit coincided with redecoration of the Auditorium in accordance with its 1877 colour scheme.

Benefits of New LED Auditorium Lighting

There are numerous benefits:

  • On average 80 % reduction in energy use,
  • Far superior reliability in comparison to previous incandescent globes,
  • Improved comfort conditions for stage performers (e.g. Adelaide Symphony Orchestra Members are happy with improved comfort conditions resultant from elimination of excessive radiant heat generated by previous stage lighting)
  • Significantly reduced air-conditioning loads resulting in further significant reduction in energy consumption.

Council Chambers

The Council Chambers are illuminated by three distinct types of luminaires:

  • Historic /heritage chandelier,
  • Historic pendants and
  • Lighting panels.

Recently, all light fittings have been retrofitted with high quality LED luminaires. Benefits of this retrofit include:

  • 80% reduction in electricity use,
  • Superior light quality,
  • Greater reliability and reduced maintenance costs.

This LED lighting retrofit coincided with redecoration of the Council Chambers in accordance with their 1897 colour scheme.

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