If your event is being held in the Adelaide Town Hall, you are welcome to list it for free on our What's On section of the website. 

The Adelaide Town Hall attracts thousands of page views a month and ranks highly in Google seach results. Your event listing on our website should provide you with some great free publicity. 

Listing your event is free of charge, however we do request that:

  • The information provided is accurate at time of submssion.
  • Your event will be held within 3 months of your submission date to ensure the currency of information offered to the public.
  • Be patient - all submissions are subject to regulatory checks and approval, and processing may take up to two weeks.


There are a few key things to remember when listing to promote your event:

Currency of information

The more updated and concise your event information, the better. This is to ensure that your potential event-goers are getting all the information they will need to decide on attending.

Having great images

While not all of us can afford a professional photographer for promotional images, a good quality image of your event does play an important role in promoting your event. Images will also enhance your listing and make it more appealing to your potential customers.

Social media presence

If you're already on social media, don't forget to let us know as this information will be included in your event listing to enable customers to follow you more closely and stay updated in almost real-time.