Adelaide Town Hall (Adelaide Town Hall) is an iconic building in Adelaide. Residents and tourists appreciate its elegant appearance and its social significance.

This building exudes pride, connotation and a sense of public responsibility. It is not only the venue for the mayor’s reception, but also the meeting place for the Adelaide City Council to make major decisions.

These qualities also make Adelaide City Hall a unique venue for major events, weddings, concerts and business meetings.


The auditorium is the core of Adelaide City Hall. At the front of the auditorium is the famous Walker & Sons pipe organ, which is the finishing touch of the entire space, enhancing the sense of ceremony and history of the auditorium.

If a banquet is held, the auditorium can accommodate 420 guests. It can accommodate up to 650 guests when holding a cocktail party. If you have a concert, you can connect the main hall, changing room and gallery into a theater mode, which can accommodate up to 1,100 spectators to enjoy the wonderful music.


The banquet hall of Adelaide City Hall is extremely elegant, full of gorgeous Victorian decorations: high ceilings and all-brass chandeliers.

The banquet hall is the best choice for hosting dinners, ceremonies, cocktail parties and business meetings. In theater mode or cocktail party mode, it can receive 200 guests at the same time. If it is to hold a seat banquet, it can accommodate 150 people.

conference hall

Located at the end of Adelaide City Hall, the conference hall is a hidden gem in the city. It has vaulted ceilings and solid wood floors, spacious and warm, both charming traditional culture and comfortable modern experience.

The conference hall is also an excellent venue for weddings, conferences, lectures and other functional activities. It can accommodate up to 160 guests.

David Spence Hall (DAVID SPENCE)

The David Spence Hall is extremely private and is an ideal place for meetings, events, lectures and celebrations. The huge windows in the hall can always overlook the historic King William Street in Adelaide. It also has an adjacent auxiliary hall that can be used for dining.

The hall is very suitable for holding a cocktail party for 70 people, a banquet for 50 people and a conference for 24 people.

Prince Alfred Room (PRINCE ALFRED ROOM)

The Prince Alfred Hall is a welcoming venue, divided into two floors in the same room. It can separate the activity area from the breakfast area, so as not to disturb each other.

The hall can hold a cocktail party for 70 people, a banquet for 40 people and a conference for 24 people.

Green Room

Green Hall is the most intimate venue of Adelaide City Hall. Upper Southern Gallery (Upper Southern Gallery) is adjacent to it, very suitable as a place to relax when holding events. 

The hall can hold a cocktail party for 50 people, a banquet for 30 people and a conference for 18 people.

Reconciliation Room

The Reconciliation Hall was originally a place close to the gods of the land and celebrating reconciliation with the indigenous people.

The hall can hold a cocktail party for 50 people, a banquet for 30 people and a conference for 18 people.

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