The Organ Concert Series is a program of free community concerts for you to experience the grandeur and power of Adelaide Town Hall’s magnificent organ.

Weekday lunchtime & Sunday afternoon organ concerts will be scheduled throughout the year. No bookings or tickets required. Free to attend.

Upcoming Concert dates 2020

  • CANCELLED - Sunday 17 May 2020 - 2.00pm - Graham Bell (South Australia)
  • Tuesday 14 July 12.30pm - Kurt Ison (NSW)
  • Wednesday 12 August 12.30pm - Lukas Hasler (Austria)
  • Sunday 25 October 2.00pm - Dr Kemp English (NZ) & Yuka Eguchi (Japan) - Organ & Violin Concert

The Organ Concert Series has been made possible through the City of Adelaide’s Live Music Action Plan. City of Adelaide will endeavour to create a program of concerts that will delight and entertain audiences with a diverse range of organists and repertoires.